Fierce Femmes: Alex Register of KLSD

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This mama turned her side hustle into a booming e-commerce biz, creating well-designed merch for brides, bachelorettes, moms and more.

Keep Life Simple Design (KLSD) is more than just an online store for brides, bachelorettes, and parents. It is Alex Register’s dream come true. Designing fun merchandise for brides started out as a hobby for her. After high school, she moved out of her house and started beauty school with no grand ideas of starting KLSD (or any business, for that matter). In fact, when asked what advice she would give to her twenty-one-year-old self, she lightheartedly answered, “I’d say, put the beer down. Maybe you should start considering thinking about what your future looks like.” After overcoming a few life obstacles (life happens!), combined with her drive to work, her hobby soon turned into a reality.

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In August of 2014, Alex opened an Etsy shop with ten pieces of merchandise on display. She was plugging away at her new business, but it wasn’t until January of 2015 that her sales really took off. (Alex later learned that she created her shop during the slow season of weddings.) But, with her drive to “unapologetically move in the direction of your goals and your dreams no matter what it takes,” she's powered through many business firsts (like a #boss!) to get to where she is today. Why pursue one single goal, when you can take on many? That was Alex's thought as she explains, “I think I’m good at a couple of things so why not make it everything that I want?”

In constantly pushing herself to go after bigger goals, Alex leads KLSD in continuous growth with now a “fully-encompassing website and brand that you can go to get anything you need.”

Alex and her husband recently introduced their third child, baby girl Hayden. With a growing family and growing business, this boss mama's #hustle is an inspiration to us all.

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