Work + Life "Balance"

A huge motto for us here at RPM is “Work is life, by choice.” We genuinely love what we do here, who we work with, and the clients we work for. We’re a tight-knit team, our 9-5a jobs are definitely not snoozers, and we totally know that we’re #blessed.

However, we also know the importance of keeping a work-life balance. When 5 o’clock comes, we know that everyone needs a breather, and that’s okay. Weekends are meant to be enjoyed, and time with your family is just as (and oftentimes more) valuable as time checking emails. Afterall, your overtime hustle lead you to a great vacay, so you need to e n j o y it.

That’s necessary - studies have shown that too much stress has miserable effects, weakening your immune system and taking a major toll on your mental health, eventually leading to more sick days, less productivity, and overall #badvibes. Some weeks, “balance” is easier said than done.

How do you incorporate “balance” into your day-to-day? It can look small - by simply taking a 10 at work, or saying “no” when necessary. Take a yoga class on your lunch, or unplug on the weekend. Do what works for you, in order to make you work better.

Trust us, we get it. We’re huge fans of the daily grind, and we know productivity and client work comes first. But time for your family, time for friends, and (most importantly) time for you should always fall in line shortly after.

So, before you check your email while at Sunday brunch, cut yourself some slack and be a bit present - Monday might just come a bit easier.