Fall About It: Everything the RPM PR Team is Looking Forward To This Season


Are you itching for fall yet? We sure are. The RPM team can’t stop thinking about all of the excitement that comes along with the upcoming change of colors. Getting out of the heat and into the crisp air isn’t the only thing on our minds: We’ve been chatting all about what we are looking forward to the most with this change of seasons. We’ve rounded up our fall must-haves here because you’re just dying to know what they are, right?! Right. Here we go.

Dani is most excited to walk around town with her all time favorite fall accessory… a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks! That’s right: Her must-have is that sweet drink that we can only get during one season out of the year. As a fourth-year college student, it’s no secret this girl-on-the-go needs her caffeine kick - but it’s even better when it’s a seasonal treat.

Amanda's fave fall pastime is very close to her heart. Each year, this gal looks forward to her annual family vacay to Pebble Beach to watch the traditional Bagpiper at The Inn at Spanish Bay. Her Mimi (an icon) + the beach + a glass of Kendall Jackson peak fall feels.

What is our favorite photographer most looking forward to this season? Lighting the one and only Volcano candle from Anthropologie. There’s just something special about cozying up on a chilly day with your favorite scent burning. Can we get an amen?

Nikki’s fall must-have is the classic, cozy flannel. Whether it’s matched with a pair of jeans and her favorite booties on a chilly day, or with her favorite pair of sweatpants curled up on the couch, she just can’t get enough. Nikki’s dream fall activity? Carving a pumpkin while wearing her flannel. Perfection.

Alexa’s fall favorite it is sure to make you do a double take. Our social media intern loves strutting around town in her knee-high boots. No matter what the outfit is, this seasonal go-to pair goes well with everything, and she ROCKS them like nobody else can.

This may surprise some of you, but Rae’s fall must-have is subscribing to DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket. Our head honcho just can’t get enough of watching her favorite NFL team play with her family all season long - Go Seahawks!

Did someone say fluffy oversized sweaters!? Gabby’s your girl. There’s nothing better than being able to wake up on a chilly morning and throw on your most comfortable sweater. She gets all Nicholas Sparks when talking about fall but we’ll spare you here. Just know that our girl wishes it was fall year-round.

With fall being the season of coming together, Cece’s favorite comes from the one and only Chrissy Teigen. Teigen’s Cookbook Cravings is full of great ideas to make any home cook a pro.. All of the tasty recipes give our resident writer the perfect excuse to entertain and have everyone in the same place. That’s what this season is all about right?

What are you most looking forward to this season? We want to know! And yes, that means you should tag us everytime you pick up that Pumpkin Spice Latte in your flannel shirt.