Fierce Femmes: Gia Kazarian, Leadership and Social Consultant of First Impressions Consulting

When Gia Kazarian began applying to universities for graduate school, she had her sights set on New York University. After her acceptance, she packed up with her two best friends, took a leap of faith, and flew across the country to earn a Master’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.


That leap of faith landed her a job with Dr. Ann Demarais as a certified First Impressions Consultant, where she worked with individuals to strengthen their social skills, self-awareness, and professional behaviors through Dr. Demarais’ proven method.

“Honestly, each interaction is defining and unique in its own way,” Gia says when describing her work. “One small behavior change can make a huge difference for that person in their relationships, either at work or in their personal life. My job is to highlight and bring out the best in people.”

After coming back to her Valley roots to focus on her family, she realized that the area was missing the service she had provided to so many clients in New York, while also giving her the flexibility to balance her home life. So with Dr. Ann Demarais’ stamp of approval, Gia brought First Impressions Consulting to the West Coast.

“My vision is that every Central Valley business knows they can use First Impressions Consulting as a resource for their leaders, employees, and team,” says Gia. “I also want the general public to know that First Impressions can be utilized on an individual level to help people reach their full potential.”


With two active sons, she balances it all while focusing on what’s best for her.


“I started First Impressions on the West Coast so I could raise my family in the manner that works best for me,” explains Gia. “My husband is a big supporter in my vision and dream, so that helps immensely. My family inspires me to be the best version of myself every single day.”

For Gia, confidence is key to her daily grind. When asked what it means to be a Fierce Femme, Gia explains that women shouldn’t apologize for successes, or doubt our skills and knowledge.

“We only get one shot at life, and I want it to be the best possible. Words, behaviors, and actions matter. I try to be very intentional with my interactions and relationships, both personally and professionally.”

That outlook has taken Gia far - so far, that she’s one of this year’s speakers for the Central California Women’s Conference, alongside a keynote from Tyra Banks. It’s is just the beginning for this #FierceFemme.