Fierce Femmes: Jenny Kasparian-Hoekstra and Lauren Hoekstra of The Bar Method Fresno & Clovis

As soon as Jennifer “Jenny” Kasparian Hoekstra discovered barre training while living in Southern California, she was hooked. Upon returning to her hometown of Fresno and coming to the realization that the Central Valley was missing this workout, she took matters into her own hands. She left her career as a nurse, took a leap of faith, and opened her own studio with the help of her daughter Lauren Hoekstra as manager.


“I was a working single mom raising them as a nurse, and it was daunting,” Jenny says of her two daughters, Lauren and Nicolette. “I often say we all three ‘grew up together.’”


Her daughters have since grown into women achieving their own goals, and the business has expanded into two locations with a loyal following. “It was definitely difficult,” says Jenny of the journey, “and yet so rewarding that they have ended up achieving their dreams at becoming a lawyer (Nicolette) and a degreed exercise physiologist managing and heir to two busy successful businesses (Lauren).”

“At the end of the day, I am a proud mama and if they succeed in life, find peace and love, then I have done my job,” she adds.

Lauren explains that working in the family business has taught them the importance of open communication and patience. “With family, it is easy to be passionate about what you feel is important,” she says . “We have both learned that we each have something unique that we bring to the table - so both of our opinions matter and make a difference. We reach two generations with our leadership, which is really cool!”


Lauren hopes to continue the legacy of the innovative studio for years to come, making a daily difference in people’s lives. “We started this business as a family and the community we have built has made our family grow tenfold,” Lauren says. “I have seen so many friendships form and bonds grow through The Bar Method. I hope that in ten years, mothers and daughters are still meeting for coffee after their 5:30am class. I hope that husbands and wives are still taking the 9:00am class together while their children are in Kids Club.”

While these two ladies are the epitome of Fierce Femmes, Jenny explains that tenacity is key. “Grit, determination and drive without setting off the world around you is a start,” says Jenny. “Tap into your deepest self and with God’s power, things will happen.”

In Lauren’s eyes, it’s all about resilience. “I believe that being fierce means you handle adversity with strength and grace,” Lauren says. “In that adversity, you rise above, in hopes of being an example or a light to others. Right now, women have the powerful opportunity to lead the younger generation and that means leading by example. Lead by faith, by truth, and in an honest and respectful way.”