Fierce Femmes: Rema Koligian or Jewelry & Jeans, Co-Owner of Butterfish and Heirloom Eats

When Rema Koligian wants something, she goes for it. A mother of three, co-owner of two Fresno-favorite restaurants, and the writer of a beautiful lifestyle blog, this Fierce Femme juggles it all while pursuing her dreams.


Rema was working as an attorney with a two-year-old son and a baby boy on the way when she realized her need for a creative outlet -- and a feminine one at that. Out of this need came her blog, Jewelry & Jeans, featuring her day-to-day grind and fueled by her love of fashion and beauty. With her authentic voice and incredible eye for style, her site quickly became one of Fresno’s top lifestyle blogs.

This new #sidehustle inspired Rema and her husband to re-evaluate what their aspirations were, what they wanted out of life, and what the next move was next for their family. “It was clear we desired something more: more freedom, more flexibility and most importantly, more time,” says Koligian. Shortly after leaving the practice of law, the couple partnered with Brandon Smittcamp and Justin Shannon to open two totally new restaurant concepts: Butterfish and Heirloom Eats.

“Taking a chance is not the worst thing you will ever do. Thinking about taking that chance and not acting is,” Koligian explains. “Kevin and I both knew that walking away from the safety net of a salary was scary but it was necessary in order for us to really pursue the change we so desperately wanted.”

With so many different titles, this #momboss gives credit to her all-star team and husband of almost 10 years, Kevin. “I have the most amazing husband, who is not only hands-on in the restaurant but also at home,” said Koligian. “We have two great partners who are hardworking, talented and whom we genuinely feel blessed to be working with. Last, but certainly not least, we have an incredible staff at all of our locations.”


Rema believes that a desire to learn and grow is a crucial part of being a Fierce Femme - and we couldn’t agree more. “Complacency can be dangerous. The moment we think something is good enough is the moment we fail to reach our true potential,” she says. “A Fierce Femme is someone who is confident in their abilities, but also aware of their weaknesses. Focusing most on the aspects you’re best at and working with others who compliment you in other areas is vital.”

If there’s anything we can learn from Rema, it’s to live fearlessly - no matter how many hats you’re wearing.