Fierce Femmes: Erin Melkonian of Erin Melkonian Interior Design

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Erin Melkonian

Interior Designer and Owner of Erin Melkonian Interior Design

With a unique vision for the way clients live and work, this interiors maven designs spaces with stories to tell.

Since coming home to Fresno after attending the University of San Diego and the Design Institute of San Diego, Erin Melkonian has done nothing but add creativity and beauty to our town. In 2014 Erin opened her namesake company, Erin Melkonian Interior Design, where she started with residential projects. EMID has since expanded to commercial development and office design.

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Erin has a passion for interior design because of the impact it has on people’s lives at work and at home. What makes Erin so talented? Her natural ability to find beauty and inspiration in everything she sees. As she explains, “I could be walking down the street and see a cool billboard and just the way they use their negative space inspires me.” Erin believes that her ability to look at life through an artistic lens proves that she was “made to do this.” Her experiences have taught her to, “fake it till you make it and never give up,” which is also advice that she gives to young designers.  

When asked, “What does being a Fierce Femme mean to you?” Erin explains it’s about being “a girl with a dream.” She is the perfect, unstoppable example of this - along with being a highly sought-after designer, she is a mother to three beautiful children, wife to Matt, and has learned to balance both work and family. This fierce femme puts it this way: “Some weeks might be better than others but that’s one of life’s lessons, to roll with the punches.”

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