How We Turned an Empty Box into a Collaborative Workspace, and Why

Over the past few years, the RPM PR team has grown (#blessed). So much so, that we needed to upgrade our office space to make room for our creativity to blossom and magic to brew. As a closely knit team that takes a holistic approach to each of our clients, we all have our hands on projects in order to produce quality work. When looking for our next office, we knew it had to complement our culture and our creative style.

Before the transformation.

Before the transformation.

During our city-wide search for a new space, we wanted at least two things:

  1. Close proximity to our favorite brick-and-mortar spots (lunch, duh)

  2. Customizable environment that made room for collaboration

After a few months of searching (good things take time), we found the perfect location close to our favorite restaurants, shopping centers, and homes. It was a blank canvas -- an open room with white walls -- and we knew the next step would be to make it our own. So, we called in reinforcements: Erin Melkonian of Erin Melkonian Interior Designs.

Erin’s attention to detail, overall aesthetic, and understanding of workplace environments paired perfectly with our goals and vision to create our space. Keeping true to our brand, we maintained a modern, clean look with pops of color and pattern. After the installation of an emerald green wall, pink neon signage, stunning abstract art by Dominique James, and a kitchenette for lunch breaks, we fell in love.

Art by Dominque James, available for purchase. All photos via Erin Melkonian.

Art by Dominque James, available for purchase. All photos via Erin Melkonian.

As these design elements were coming to life, the functionality of the office was too. We knew we wanted to have an open work space that still allowed team members to have some privacy when taking calls, on deadline, or just #grinding. It’s no secret that open office concepts have been the latest trend - with companies like Dropbox and Google on board, clearly it’s doing something good.


Like we mentioned before, balance is key. So, Erin and her team brought in a long workplace “bench” that also included partitions for when the team needs a little escape. This, complete with an open lounge area and a semi-private space for our fearless leader, Rae (that also doubles as a whiteboard for our creative brainstorms), made our office a productive oasis.

They say that if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. It also helps to love WHERE you work, and thankfully, coming to the office on Monday morning is something we all look forward to. Want to take a peek? Swing by to see for yourself.