RPM PR's Guide to Conquering Internships

Everyone says that your college years are some of the best years of your life - and they’re right. But for some of the best years of your life, they can quickly become some of the most stressful when that one tiny word becomes the hottest topic on campus… internships.

An “internship” seems like a foreign concept for about the first two years of your college experience, but then Junior year hits and there’s no way around them. Time flies, after all.

When you graduate from high school, four more years of school at a University seems like a lifetime. But then you arrive on campus for move-in day, blink, and the next thing you know you’re wearing a cap and gown being forced out of your very own four-year paradise. So, why not make this rude awakening a little less rude and start building up that resume?


The process of finding an internship can be intimidating - first, you have to find a company that’s relevant to your major and looking for an intern. Then you have to apply and pray everyday that they’ll be somewhat interested in you, and if they are, then you’ll stress for days until you have your interview. Then, finally, you’ll stress a few more days (or even weeks!) until they get back to you with an answer.

So, in order to be the most prepared and make this whole process as stress free as possible, our interns are providing a list of tips that have helped them along the way.

Resume building:

  1. Use a professional template when you make your resume and make sure your formatting is consistent throughout.

  2. Make sure you’re updating your resume (this is crucial and shows the company all the cool things you’ve been up to lately).

  3. E-Portfolios (by using Wordpress you can make a free website all about YOU and include your resume, headshots, and anything else about yourself that you want to add to it).

  4. If you get an interview, make sure to bring multiple printed copies of your resume with you.


  1. Study for the interview (this is KEY, it’s never a good idea to just wing it). That means reading up on the company’s history and current state and taking notes with a pen and paper.

  2. Have questions ready to ask (this is the time when you get to control the conversation, so grab the bull by the horns and go for it!).

  3. First impressions are everything (it only takes ten seconds to make one) so make sure to be dressed in a professional outfit (even if you’re a workout junkie, your interviewer probably doesn’t want to see you in your Lulus).

  4. Make sure to keep eye contact and attentively listen to EVERYTHING (yes - EVERYTHING) the person interviewing you has to say.

  5. Be on time or even early - punctuality is a must

As someone wise once said, “the expert in anything was once an unpaid intern”, so keep that in mind as you conquer your career journey! While you’re at it, take a look at our internship opportunities here.