Five Reasons We Have a Major #BrandCrush on Glossier


In PR and communications, our forever aim is to strengthen the brands we work with. Whether that’s by helping build that branding from the ground up, or by fortifying household names with a fresh spin. The ultimate #goal? Achieving cult status. Enter: Glossier.

Here are five reasons we’re seriously crushing on Glossier:

Story: This brand, built by Vogue staffer-turned-beauty-blogger-turned-CEO Emily Weiss is turning the beauty industry on its head. Not only do we have a brand crush on Glossier, we have a major #girlboss obsession with Emily.

Products: This company’s products are select, and always being innovated with customer feedback in mind. We love the natural look (those painted on eyebrows we rocked in the early 2000s are no longer the jam) and Glossier gets it done.
Messaging: From clever product names (Balm Dotcom, anyone?) to incredible visual campaigns that celebrate diversity and body positivity, the brand’s messaging feels totally fresh.

Packaging: Could millenial pink be a more fitting hue for this brand? Combined with iridescent tones, a positively posh logo and pops of black and white, they have us saying oh-em-G.

Brick and Mortar: Did we mention our obsession with the brand’s store?! The San Francisco pop-up shop and the new LA outpost are a dream in Glossier’s signature blush, combined with contemporary elements for a look that screams “not your mama’s beauty counter at the mall.”

As the brand grows toward beauty world domination, we’ll continue to lather up in Body Hero and preach the Glossier gospel daily.