How to Fire Up Your Fourth Of July Party

Let freedom ring! The best day of the summer, aka the Fourth of July, is quickly approaching and if the day involves fireworks, patriotic songs, and celebrating Lady Liberty, you can count us in. Light a sparkler and put on your fave Old Navy tee because we’re celebrating this national day with some last-minute tips for throwing a supreme star-spangled soiree. 

  1. Be a Patriotic DJ: What’s a party without music?! We’ve created a patriotic playlist filled with songs about the good ol’ U-S-of-A that will get you noddin’ your head (like yeah) and moving your hips (like yeah) - Miley Cyrus style. 

  2. Dive into Decorations: Nothing is more all-American than red, white, and blue decor. These are easy to put up and will make your guests feel like they’re part of a patriotic Pinterest board. Bonus: they aren’t even tacky. Adding some festive florals to your tables with red roses, blue hydrangeas, and daisies creates a bouquet that will have your guests feeling beautiful and free. 

  3. Drink to Democracy: The best way to beat the heat is by sipping on something sweet and we’ve got festive drinks for all ages. For the grown-ups at the party who can get (red white and) boozy, make a pitcher of Star Spangled Sangria. For the kids, punch just got a lot more patriotic by combining red, white, and blue Gatorade. 

  4. Create Colonial Cuisine: The best way to win over your guests is through the food you serve. We’ve found delicious festive food recipes that are easy to follow. Try making All-American Appetizers, Ribs for the Republic and Starred and Striped Sweets

Now you’re ready to show off just how proud you are to be an American. Happy (almost) Fourth from RPM PR!