Fierce Femme: Alexandria Smith, Photographer and Owner of Daphne Mae Photography

This talented photographer lends her exceptional eye to every family she captures, all while raising three children of her own.


Every mom will tell you that in a blink of an eye your newborn baby will be packing their bags for college. Okay, maybe it doesn’t happen THAT quickly, but it does go by a little too fast. In an effort to compete with time, Alexandria (Alex) Smith began taking photos to capture those fleeting moments with her children.

Soon after her family photography hobby began in 2014, Alex began taking photos of other families and soon founded her company, Daphne Mae Photography.

Alex explains that her work through Daphne Mae Photography is inspired by wanting to acknowledge other mothers in knowing that, “whatever their motherhood looks like is so personal to them but also so universal in the same way.”

With the dramatic impact social media has on society today, Alex believes that it can make mothers feel insufficient or unworthy. Through her photoshoots she hopes to show mothers that “their reality is so precious and beautiful, and to help them see how ‘enough’ they are.” With her natural-light-film-photo-filled Instagram feed chronicling days of homeschooling, family time and photography classes, all with beautifully poignant captions, Alex is a shining example of how photography and social media can be a platform for positivity.


Beyond taking photos and stealing our hearts on IG, Alex offers mentorship and photography courses for mothers/women to capture everyday memories, aptly named “Magically Mundane”. She just launched an e-book focused on the same concept, and we can’t wait to dig in (she seriously has a way with words as a former English teacher, too!).

Now as an award-winning and recognized photographer nationally, Alex is paving the way for both her subjects and her peers by capturing women and their families in her own unique way, with a focus on film photography. Here’s to #girlpower, #momlife, and capturing it all one breathtaking photo at a time.