Fierce Femmes: Stephanie Fasi Steelman of Speak Wines


Stephanie Fasi Steelman

Managing Partner at Speak Wines

From public relations to taking over the wine industry, this boss babe has found a career that “speaks” to her.

Just like most college girls looking for an extra buck, Stephanie Fasi Steelman landed a babysitting job while attending school in Orange County. But unlike most students’ babysitting gigs, landing this job would lead to her becoming a partner in a public relations agency, and eventually, winemaker. Stephanie’s family are also involved in the wine industry, enabling the Speak boss babes to source quality product.

Around the time Stephanie began babysitting for Kerry Sutherland, Kerry was starting her public relations company. Stephanie expressed interest in joining her (because, duh) and became the first employee at K. Sutherland PR, and eventually a partner in the company.


One night Stephanie and Kerry were working late, sipping on wine, brainstorming campaigns for a client when they came up with the idea for Speak Wines. As Stephanie recalls, “We were like, why doesn't someone put really cute Pinterest-y quotes on bottles of wine? Like we buy our wine bottles off of what they look like versus what they actually are.”

That realization was the start of a soon-to-be nationally-recognized.

In 2014, one year after their initial brainstorm, Speak Wines was officially established. Stephanie is the definition of a “fierce femme”, taking this industry by storm, having Speak Wines featured by InStyle magazine, Lauren Conrad, and PEOPLE magazine. Offering a wide variety of wines with 40 different labels choose to from customers can pick a quote that especially “speaks” to them.  Her favorite quote? “When you stop and look around this life is pretty amazing.” Agreed, Steph. Agreed.